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concrete staining

Concrete Staining

The concrete is first cleaned then a stain or dye is applied. This is translucent and brings out the character of the concrete.
No two are alike. Finally 2 coats of non skid sealer is applied.
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concrete stamping

Concrete Stamping

Is the process of repairing the concrete then after a thorough cleaning. A concrete product is applied 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches. Then an oiled rubber stamp is applied, livening the surface texture and design. After it has cured a tinted sealer is applied to give it highlights and depth. There are hundreds of stamps and colors. So no 2 are the same.
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Artwork & Logos

Ed is a professional artist. He will guide you on what looks good. He can design and paint anything from 1000 ft murals to logos.
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concrete overlay

Decorative Concrete Overlays

The concrete is repaired and cleaned. Then a deco concrete is coated over the slap. First a base coat and then a texture coat. Also a pattern can be applied. Then 2 coats of a clear sealer is applied. There are many patterns and colors to choose from.
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concrete overlay

Epoxy Floors

Concrete is pre paired then cleaned. A 2 part epoxy is applied. First a base coat, followed by a series of flake chips, then 3 coats of a clear sealer. This is for a tough as nails finish. Good for garages and show rooms.



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